Rock Guitar Help

The countless number of different Android phones makes it impossible to  guarentee that an app will always look and function as it was intended to by the developer. Here is a list of the possible problems you may encounter when using Rock Guitar.

Q: Note’s don’t play when more than two fingers are touching the screen
A: Most likely you have HTC guestures enabled. Go to your phones settings and select Display & Gestures, then make sure HTC Gestures is unchecked.

Q: Not all notes are playing or are not responding instantly.
A: Other applications might be using the soundcard.Clear your phones Ram, but going to task manager and clearing the ram. You might need to restart Rock Guitar.

Q: Backing tracks will stop playing or will refuse to play.
A: Restarting Rock Guitar might be enough, but if it’s not then clear the phones ram by going to task manager.

Q: My problem is not in this list.
A: Send me an email, or add a comment to this post.


One thought on “Rock Guitar Help

  1. Love this app but it would be swim if it make a sound when you much the string and when you lift your finger off the string it make a sound as well then you’ll be able to really shred . and you should have some wow peeled and after sound altering devices that you can have a choice of current sound options . but by far the best guitar so available congratulations good noon Leopold love it thank you

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